Just when you thought the internet had blown up from Gangnam style saturation, we discovered some new winners. And they’re popular in our books.

Here are our top 5 delicious internet things from the past week (in no particular order):

The small stuff

Nikon’s Small World Microphotography competition features some jaw-dropping little suckers, including this blood-brain barrier in a live zebrafish embryo that scored first place.

Sexy graphs

There’s always room in my heart for a graph that makes you go “mmmmmmm”. Felice Frankel’s new book Visualizing Science shows how you can give data the wow-factor (for researchers, or graph nerds like myself)

Pumpkin Pi

If there’s a mathematical link to the 31/10, it’s in and around a pumpkin. Thanks to Neatorama for the share.

And fold and bend and flex

It could be aerobics, or it could be a happy clever flexagon. Have a hexaflexagon party with Vihart’s YouTube mathemusic.

Okay, sorry.

But this makes me giggle.

Now we’re just waiting for your Mars rover Halloween costumes to come rolling in for next week’s faves. Really, I like them already.