Did you see #Hendra trending on Twitter last week? Once we contained our excitement, we noticed some other pieces of awesome across the internets. Here are five, for your oohs, ahs and lols.

Big win for weedy seadragon

This stunner won the 2012 National Geographic Oceans Photography comp. High five to the amateur wildlife photographer Richard Wylie, for snapping the gorgeous photo off Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. His prize is a $27,000 photographic expedition to Alaska.

xkcd: the problem with scientists

If you haven’t yet discovered ‘the webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language’, now’s the time.

xkcd comic

Don’t get your slinky in a knot

For some Aussie slinky science, check out this slinky drop slow-mo from veritasium. Really, it’s HD and awesome.

The Elements, by Theodore Gray

An oldie but a goodie, this iPad app (and book and poster and card deck) is a thing of beauty… and great for a dinner party pop-quiz.

Theodore Gray's The Elements


Cram science factoids into 140 characters and you can write a book solely on Twitter. Here’s a taster “Plain English definition: 1 nanometre is the amount a man’s beard grows in the time it takes him to lift a razor to his face.” Grab the book, or you can follow @science140 on Twitter.