As the new Marine National Facility vessel starts to take shape this year, we’ll be bringing you more and more images of the steel works and assembly.

Here are the latest graphics from the ship building team.

Investigator graphicInvestigator graphic

The coloured boxes on the bow and back deck of Investigator are science container laboratories. They’re kind of like the world’s biggest travel suitcases for scientists. The laboratories are built in shipping containers, so researchers can take all of their equipment and tools with them wherever they go. There’s room for 10 of these kinds of labs on board the new ship.

RV Investigator is a very clever ship!

Southern Surveyor can accommodate two container laboratories, and to give you an idea of what they look like, here’s the BGC Clean Laboratory container on the back deck of Southern Surveyor as well as inside the container.

BGC Clean Laboratory on board Southern Surveyor BGC Clean Laboratory inside BGC Clean Laboratory inside