Our new deal with Australian METS company Corescan will see our exploration tool and mineral analysis technology - HyLogger- launched into new global markets.

Partioned metal tray holding long cylinders of rock drill cores

Hunting for hidden treasure requires more than luck and a metal detector. Looking for mineable minerals requires detailed knowledge of the geology of what lies beneath the surface.

The Australian exploration industry spends around $600 million a year drilling rock core samples to locate economically viable resources and build a picture of ore bodies and minerals systems. Until recently, analysing and ‘logging’ the minerology of these core samples was a manual and laborious process. It took many hours for experienced geologists, metallurgists or geotechnical engineers to study, interpret and log drill core samples.

Making the process easier, faster and less prone to human error we developed an automated system called the HyLogger.

Say ‘Hy’ to hyperspectral

HyLogger is the culmination of over a decade’s research, development and engineering effort which pioneered the use of automated hyperspectral data collection over drill core and chips for rapid and reliable mineralogical mapping.

Hyperspectral imaging, like other spectral imaging, collects and processes information from across the electromagnetic spectrum.

Operating on an automated scanning platform, HyLogger uses visible and infrared light to characterise selected minerals from drill cores, chips and pulps that are often difficult or impossible for human observers to interpret correctly.

Reflected light from the samples is broken into hundreds of different wavelengths by several spectrometers, allowing the recognition of unique spectral signatures for each mineral.

Graph of mineralogical distribution along core log

Output analysis of hyperspectral scan

Public access data

HyLogger has provided information on the mineralogical composition of drill cores for all of Australia’s state and territory-based geological surveys.

This data is publically-available through the Auscope supported National Virtual Core Library. This online library offers geologists the chance to examine the hyperspectral data directly from their desktop.

The groundswell of HyLogger information gathered from drill cores around the country is also bringing new knowledge on orebodies and mineral systems, attracting investment and guiding exploration in Australia.

Core technology deal with Corescan

We have now licenced our HyLogger technology to METS company Corescan, whose will bring this Australian innovation into the global market.

Corescan is an Australian SME who operate a network of hyperspectral mineralogy labs across Australia, South East Asia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Broadening its suite of hyperspectral imaging equipment Corescan will continue to offer support services to the existing HyLogger community, work closely with the Australian geological surveys and the National Virtual Ore Library, and leverage its global reach to bring the technology to new international markets.

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