RV Investigator will have a two dedicated laboratories for atmospheric research, an aerosol laboratory located at the bow of the ship and an a air chemistry laboratory on the foredeck.

Air will be drawn into the laboratories via an aerosol sampling tube, which is inside the foremast and the inlet is about 24 metres above the sea surface.

To give you an idea of what’s being built, here are some drawings and a photo to help to explain.

The first diagram from the Draft General Arrangement, is a cross section indicating the location of the mast and laboratory.

RV Investigator's draft inboard profile - aerosol laboratory

This second image is a bird’s eye view of the laboratory beneath the deck level, with the dots indicating the tie down sockets.

RV Investigator's draft focsle Deck - aerosol laboratory

And this is the actual laboratory under construction. You’re looking facing forward in the ship, the very tip of the bow, and the silver dots on the floor are the tie down sockets.

RV Investigator's aerosol laboratory