Researcher in helmet

NASA Mohawk Guy’s got nothin’ on CSIRO Helmet Guy.

If you thought ISS Commander Chris Hadfield’s micro gravity rendition of Space Oddity was the hit of the week, think again.

The latest album from electro music duo Daft Punk is being launched in Wee Waa this week and we’re ready to get down. It was reported that the French duo chose Wee Waa, in regional NSW, because of its proximity to our Australia Telescope. The global album launch will include a party at the Wee Waa show on Friday night.

The Australia Telescope Compact Array is so ready that it’s been getting down to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

Our researchers are getting into the swing of things too, giving a tour of the telescope operating room in signature Daft Punk helmets.

And finally, researchers dancing.