Electricity wires

Electricity wires

What will Australia’s electricity future look like?

“I want it to work, but I don’t want to know anything about it.” Is that how you feel about electricity?

Fair enough. It’s a service that’s largely invisible to most people (except when the lights are on, of course!) and in our already busy, option-filled lives it might feel like a hassle to have one more thing to think about.

But what if Australia’s electricity future was less mysterious and gave you, the customer, more say in how you tailor your electricity use to best meet your needs?

Think of it like the telecommunications industry. Over a few decades we have seen a massive shift from a one-size-fits-all landline telephone system to a range of mobile and entertainment services that mean you may never have to watch pre-programmed, free-to-air TV again!

The potential for change in the electricity sector is enormous and now is the time to start the national discussion that helps us decide…where to from here?

The Future Grid Forum brought together the best thinkers from CSIRO, the electricity industry, government and community to explore potential futures for how Australia generates and consumes electricity in the decades up to 2050.

Do you want things to stay as they are? Maybe you’re at the forefront of technology adoption and want to lead the charge into a brave new world of customising your electricity use? Are you keen to disconnect from the grid or realise a 100 per cent renewables future?

Well, fire up the DeLorean. These infographics explain the four scenarios developed by the Future Grid Forum and give you a glimpse into what might come next.

Download the full report or summary brochure.