Me too!

Last year we had a very encouraging response to the call for application in 2014-15 onboard RV Investigator, with over 800 days at sea requested. Unfortunately, there are only 365 days in a year!

We also had disappointed people calling and emailing, because they missed the cut off date for the pre-proposals, and they were looking to see if there was any wriggle room to put in an application. There isn’t!

So this year we’re giving you a little heads up that on Monday 12 August, the formal applications process will begin.

There are no special circumstances for late applications. Check out the MNF website for all of the information about the process of how to apply.

Here’s a quick summary of the stages involved:

1. Primary applications process

  • Pre-proposals
  • Application for sea time

(Primary schedule developed)

2. Supplementary applications process (opportunistic science and training)

(Final schedule developed)

Now for early career researchers, PhD and Masters students, remember you need to put your application in via your institution. You’re welcome to put your proposal in from the start but you are also permitted to wait until the call for supplementary applications.

We’d love to see you onboard RV Investigator!

RV Investigator