Australia’s Biodiversity series – Part 4: Management and Restoration Tools

There are many troubling threats to our native biodiversity in Australia, two of the biggest being the loss and fragmentation of native habitats and the impact of invasive species. Native species also suffer as a result of poor grazing and fire management regimes, over harvesting, pollution and disease.

To add to the problem there is a high level of uncertainty about how best to address the decline in our biodiversity and there are competing demands on the limited resources available to do this work. These factors align to make the decision making process incredibly complex, urgent and high pressured.

On the up side, here in Australia we are well placed to do something about it. A lot of the scientific expertise about managing biodiversity is being developed right here. In the fourth video of our Australia’s Biodiversity series, Dr Tara Martin talks through some of the ways we’re managing threats to our biodiversity, particularly through the use of new tools to help us make increasingly urgent management decisions:

To find out more about the tools for managing and restoring Australia’s biodiversity, you might like to read the corresponding chapter of CSIRO’s Biodiversity Book.

Last week’s video looked at how Australia’s biodiversity is tracking. You can review it and the other videos in the series on our YouTube channel.