A super-efficient electric motor co-designed by CSIRO has helped to power three cars to victory in the World Solar Challenge which finished today. The race covers 3,000km from Darwin to Adelaide.

The motor fits inside the wheel of a car and achieves 98 per cent efficiency. It is generally accepted as the most efficient in solar car racing.

The Nuon Solar Team, Aurora Vehicle Association and University of New South Wales Solar Racing Team, who were first in the Challenger Class, Cruiser Class and Adventure Class, respectively, all used the motor.


The motor was originally developed by CSIRO in the nineties in partnership with Newcastle University (UK), University of Technology Sydney and the Aurora solar racing team. Over half of the cars in this year’s event used the motor.

The motor has a low active component weight (6 kg), and a total wheel weight of 14.5 kg (including the tyre). It has since been commercialised by Marand Precision Engineering in Melbourne.

Media contact: Professor Howard Lovatt, who helped design the motor, telephone: 0419 971 263