CSIRO and Cam McEvoy: a stroke of genius

By Eliza Keck

14 July 2017

Cam McEvoy at CSIRO's 'robot factory'

What do Cam McEvoy, Australia’s fastest 100m freestyle swimmer, and CSIRO have in common?

It isn’t that we created some amazing technology to help professional swimmers – well, we did, but that’s not it. Give up? Cam McEvoy is not only one of the fastest swimmers in the world, he’s also obsessed with science. Cam’s not your average science fanboy either – he’s managing to squeeze a degree in applied mathematics and physics into the tiny gaps of his intense training schedule. That’s serious dedication to science, something we certainly have in common.

We know all you followers are pumped about science like us, but generally people don’t seem to go gaga for talented scientists; they’re more interested in musicians, actors, politicians and sports stars…but wait, Cam’s a famous sports star AND he’s studying to be a scientist. What a perfect combination!

That’s why we’re really excited to announce that Cam ‘The Professor’ McEvoy is going to be hanging out with us over the next year as our first ever ambassador.

You could even say he’s our… Cambassador.

Before Cam swam over to Budapest for the World Swimming Championships, he popped in to our ‘robot factory’ in Queensland and we showed him a few cool things – keep an eye on our social media channels for a medley of content and lots of swimming-related puns.

Can’t wait? Here’s a few behind the scene shots to wet your appetite. 😉