RV Investigator is so awesome when it comes to communications, it will be capable of live-via-satellite TV interviews from almost anywhere in the world.

The only restriction will be the availability of a satellite signal, and these days there aren’t too many places where this is a problem.

The communications domes, which are about the same size as the weather research radar, have been delivered, lifted and installed on Investigator.

And, they’ll be doing so much more than just TV interviews (it’s just that I’m really excited about this capability)!

The domes will allow those onboard to keep in touch with work colleagues via email and video conferencing, to send data, photos and videos of the work happening onboard the ship, and to allow everyone keep in touch with family and friends.

These gorgeous little domes will make it possible to communicate from onboard the Marine National Facility research vessel, like we’ve never been able to before.

RV Investigator's communicaitons domes RV Investigator's communicaitons domes RV Investigator's communicaitons domes