Meet Peter Hoffmann: a champion of global climate research.

Peter’s passion for climate change has taken him all around the world – from Germany to Vietnam.

Meet Peter Hoffmann, a young climate scientist from Germany who has recently joined our Climate Adaptation Flagship in Melbourne.

Peter is using his analytical skills to tackle the global issue of climate change. It’s his job to run and analyse results from advanced climate models, which reproduce features of current and past climate changes. This will help us better understand and adapt to the changing climate.

His interest in climate change has taken him all over the world – from America’s Tornado Alley to rural Southeast Asia.

America's infamous tornado alley (red) and the related weather systems. Image: Dan Craggs.

America’s infamous tornado alley (red) and the related weather systems. Image: Dan Craggs.

Peter completed his PhD in Meteorology at the University of Hamburg, studying the impact of the urban heat island effect. This occurs when a metropolitan area is significantly warmer than its surrounding rural areas due to human activities.

Peter (right) is mentoring early career scientists as part of his work in Vietnam.

Early career scientists who Peter (right) has recently mentored.

And now Peter is continuing his work in Vietnam. Here he is reviewing the impacts of climate change on the country, looking at how heatwaves and droughts are likely to change in the future.

He is also mentoring and training early career scientists to help expand their knowledge in this field.

So why choose a career in climate science?

“I wanted to research something where I can see, feel and experience the effects of what I’m analysing. This work has such practical outcomes,” says Peter.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the forces of nature, so this job is the perfect fit for me.”

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