Let’s get a bit of perspective on the gondola and the bow thruster onboard Australia’s new Marine National Facility research vessel, Investigator, to give you an idea of the size of the ship.

Do you remember this very noisy little video of the bow thruster being tested?

Then the bow thruster was delivered and installed deep within the bow of Investigator.

RV Investigator's bow thruster RV Investigator's bow thruster

Next, do you remember when Investigator’s gondola was turned?


There’s a little red circle so you focus on that section of the gondola, and now have a look at these images from the skidding of Investigator.

RV Investigator's gondola 3 RV Investigator's gondola 2

And, finally check out this photo of some the CSIRO Site Team in Singapore, standing right in front of the gondola and the bow thruster!

Some of the CSIRO Site Team in Singapore (l to r) Trevor Grant, Graham Stacey, David Humphries and Steve Thomas.