Here at our titanium 3D printing facility Lab 22, we print all sorts of things. From biomedical devices like this sleep apnoea mouth guard, to titanium lugs for this bicycle manufacturer.

We do this because 3D printing has a bucket load of advantages over traditional manufacturing methods. It reduces wasted material, brings down costs, speeds up development and allows for product customisation. It’s a technology that is already opening up doors in the automotive, aerospace and health industries.

Now, Australia’s local design community is jumping on 3D printing. With rapid prototyping, the technology is allowing designers to bridge the gap between the conceptual and tangible with a press of a button.

As part of the Sydney Design Festival, underway this week, the Third Dimension Pop Up exhibition is showcasing what Australian designers are achieving with this innovative technology. Here’s one of the titanium pieces we printed at Lab22 for local designer Caitlin Dubler. We think it’s pretty cool.

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