Farms of the future will not just need tech, but also intelligence. A new one-click rural property report pulls together data on every rural property in Australia. Backed by science.

Wheat farm

We use digital data in our everyday lives, and now there is a way to break the ‘data drought’ for our farmers. Let’s face it, they’ve certainly had a rough trot lately.

Our farmers have stared down the barrel of one of the worst droughts in history. Combine this with a devastating bushfire season followed closely by flooding rains, and they’ve really been through the ringer! Not to mention COVID-19 thrown into the mix. They need to be prepped and ready for anything.

To help get Aussie farmers up to speed, Digital Agriculture Services (DAS) is giving them high-tech intel on their land. This includes productivity, land use, sales, yield potential and other digital help all at their fingertips. And at absolutely no charge.

A hand holding a report

DAS’s Rural Property Reports use AI to provide vital new data to farmers. Credit: DAS

Putting the AI in sustAInability

High-tech farming isn’t just drones checking water sources, or autonomous robots picking fruit. Farms of the future are all about intelligence. For example, predicting how much a farm can produce, the income it can make and its sustainability.

Agriculture is a $5 trillion top global industry yet it is one of the world’s least digitised. DAS estimates around $125 billion annually in agricultural economic decisions are based on unreliable or incomplete data. But with science-backed intelligence like this, farmers can make better informed decisions. They can put their crystal ball back in the shed!

The Rural Intelligence Platform

DAS’s innovative Rural Intelligence Platform™ uses AI we developed. It also includes our machine learning, cloud-based geospatial technology and unique data sets and analytics.

And it uses information from Australia’s digital soil map and the Bureau of Meteorology. It’s all combined to create an instant and comprehensive snapshot of a property or farming region. And now, DAS’s new one-click rural property reports pull together comprehensive data on every farm in Australia.

summer climate report

DAS Rural Property Report climate detail. Image credit: DAS

At your fingertips

Farmers get the low down on soil types, land use, annual rainfall and vegetation. Not to mention carrying capacity, plant productivity, climate conditions and risk profile for natural disasters. Also included is info on drought, flood and bushfire risk.

This is the first time a report includes broader predictors on agricultural value such as climate, drought stress and fire vulnerability. And it’s backed by science!

All you need to do is
login to the Rural Intelligence Platform™. You simply click on your property boundaries, generate the report and it arrives to their inbox in seconds. More than 1000 rural property reports have been downloaded this month already.

Partners for farmers

We are a founding equity partner in DAS and its research and development partner. In March this year DAS incorporated our Graincast™ technology into the platform. It’s the first to identify crop types and forecast grain yield at any scale anywhere in Australia.

Yet another way we’re working with DAS to help our farmers and agribusiness when they need it the most.


  1. It is a wonderful concept. Through this we can make a difference in the current scenario. Great thought. Hope it gets implemented for the good.

  2. Backwards backwards for ever forwards science lost.

    As I said remove me from your client list,
    I filled in your forms for removal. Long time ago,Repeated recently

    You take as much notice of your customers as their inputs.

    Csiro reduced to skellington staff projects deferred.
    Full censorship of abc now acheived,
    Internet news now stiffled.

    Its yours not my feathers that have been ruffled. The above (TRUTH) should now put me in the do not send catergory. Thank you for taking notice this time.

    Please remove me for the 3rd time so I can sell my future science overseas without hinderence.

    P.s. Note (my 3 failure points on the BOEING 737 sent 9 months ago have been verified and proven even without access to the aircraft,by BOEING).

    1. Hi Stephen, thanks for your comment. We have unsubscribed you from our email lists ( You will no longer receive CSIRO emails for current or future events, surveys or newsletters.

      Team CSIRO

  3. What farmers need is instant information for their farms and a way of finding out on a daily bases,this circumvents educated guesses and reactive senerios. Due to the size and expanse of most farms this still remains unconfirmed. The way around this is a live infeed from airial RPV,s programed for each individual farm.
    An initial expense with an instant return, also covers cattle and verman movements. Low flying and programed away from all possible flight paths with radio transmitter automatically sending location height and speed for safety. Fences down,water causes, Dam levels, weed infestation,etc etc all backed up into homestead memory.
    Due to fixed flight paths,lost herds ,located. Informed information instantly.
    Present GVT laws preventing INDIVIDUAL use has removed this from FARMERS ARSENAL. Of knowledge.
    This use OF RPV’s in itself is the singlemost positive factors in preventing calamities escallating in AUSTRALIA..

  4. The Burdekin streamflow is a good source of back up water . Each year there is considerable water along it length going to sea that can be stored up in the north in steep dams around the Hells gate dam site . It is best delivered south by canal or pipe to reduce submergence or evaporation losses . Our preference is a concrete lined canal and pump stations that will keep being useful for approx 100 years . Additional water is available in norther regions
    T Bowring

  5. Great innovation. Has it been publicized enough though – in basic language in basic farmer-friendly outlets like The Land?

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