Qubit is searching for a match made in quantum heaven as we increase our capability. Come see where a ‘relationship’ may take us.

A quantum love limerick… 

You haven’t found love? It’s not time to fear. The winged messenger of the gods – Cupid, he will appear. He has an agenda, and love is the game. But a competitor is amongst us, do you know his name?

A lesser-known cousin, Qubit is he. Preparing to outshine Cupid in the task he brings here. Searching for those with a curious soul. A match made in quantum heaven being the goal.

So curious you are, did I hear you say? Could Qubit have his arrow aimed directly your way? Open your mind, it could just be you. Read on below, a connection may ensue!

Who is Qubit?

So you think we’ve made a typo? We understand, so here’s what we mean about qubits, quantum science and technologies.

In quantum science a qubit (quantum bit) is the basic unit of information. It is a mixed quantum-mechanical state, the building block of a quantum computer that embodies and harnesses the peculiarity of quantum mechanics.

And quantum science is the study of matter and energy at the most fundamental level.

Qubit quantum research. A computer circuit board light up by blue and red light. One square has pink lighting.
Qubit’s quantum arrow is headed your way! Let’s see where this ‘relationship’ takes us.

Expanding our quantum capability

Working in collaboration with university, government and industry partners, our aim is to secure Australia’s place in the global quantum Industry of the future.

Together with the World Economic Forum, we’ve launched quantum guidelines to aid the future design and adoption of quantum computing. We’ve also developed a roadmap for growing a quantum technology industry.

And last year we launched a Future Science Platform that will focus on developing the latest quantum technologies.

Now we’re looking for engineers and technologists to come and ride the quantum wave with us! If you love solving big, complex problems that will make a real difference to our future, we are a match.

Desperately seeking…

Qubit is looking for a meaningful synthesis where your characterisation is on display via super conduction through sensory exploration.

You are a multilayered individual looking to optimise your device performance through analytical acumen and collaboration with your new partner/s.

We will help you take your research dreams to the next level. Applying your superconducting theory or cryogenics abilities to reach for the stars. Across aerospace, space, defence, renewable energy, telecommunications, minerals and mining, and transportation.

You may have a flair for design, construction and programming of electronic systems that Qubit finds highly appealing when seeking new partnerships.

Perhaps physics is your thing? And you seek to share a meaningful relationship with measuring the electrical and magnetic properties of superconducting devices? You need not resist the spooky forces of nature – turn them into quantum devices!

So reject Cupid’s offer of a chocolate box and instead embrace the gift from Qubit – you never know what you’ll get with Schrödinger’s Box! Perhaps it could be a quantum entanglement with us – Australia’s national science agency?

Want to learn more about our quantum vision? Make a date at the Quantum Australia 2022 Conference and Careers Fair from 23-25 February 2022.


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