Had enough of diet fads? We've developed a science-based meal replacement program that will help you lose weight in a safe and nutritionally balanced way.


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Keen to lose weight, but don’t know where to begin? Our dietitians and scientists have developed a new weight loss program designed to reset your habits and kick start you on your weight loss journey.

Following on from the success of the Total Wellbeing Diet, our talented team worked with Probiotec Ltd to develop a holistic program that included meal replacements – catering to people with busy lifestyles, who may have let cooking and meal preparation fall down the priority list.

Oh no, not just shakes, I hear you say! No need to fear, on the Impromy™ program, you can consume whole meals and snacks throughout the day, guided by your trained consultant. While the meal replacements will get you started on your weight loss, the long term aim is to transition you to complete meals based on Total Wellbeing Diet plan.

Designed to help you lose weight quickly and easily in a safe and nutritionally balanced way, ImpromyTM includes:

  • nutritionally enhanced meal replacement products (shakes, bars and soups) in conjunction with healthy high protein meals.
  • a Simply Well recipe book
  • regular face-to-face consultations with an Impromy trained pharmacy consultant
  • health checks and a Smartphone app to keep you on track

Backed by research

Our past clinical trials have provided the building blocks for Impromy™. The program builds on our Total Wellbeing Diet research and how it can be used with smart phone technology in a community pharmacy setting

We recruited 150 people and guided them through the prototype pharmacy program. With both dietitians and non dieticians trained as consultants the results were positive. Participants expressed a high level of acceptance as well as improved cholesterol levels, blood pressure and weight loss.

Find out more

Impromy was developed by Probiotec in collaboration with CSIRO, it is only available through selected pharmacies that have employed trained consultants, locate your local pharmacy here.

To learn about our nutrition clinical trials in (Adelaide only) visit our website.

To read more about the Impromy™ program and our FAQs visit our website or contact Impromy™ on 1800 608 511.


  1. It is my 22 Day and just lost 2 kilos? Why ?

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