While our expert scientists continue to deliver innovative work, we've taken the time to expertly curate music you can get vaccinated to.
Woman with insect mask on smiling in CSIRO shirt. Showing of Music you can get vaccinated to

You’ll smize once you listen to our playlist.

Whether you’re waiting for your COVID-19 test or leaving the vaccination hub, our “Music you can get vaccinated to” playlist has you covered. 

There has been no shortage of challenging times lately. The pandemic has been a skip on the record player for all of us in different ways. As a nation, we have done an amazing effort to get the beat back on track. 

So we’re here to offer a refreshing solution. As your national science agency, we have continued to support the development of solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. From wastewater testingfacemask testing, studying the survivability of the virus on surfaces, to explaining how vaccines and immunity works, we continue to deliver solutions for this global problem.

While our expert scientists continue to deliver innovative work, we’ve taken the time to expertly curate this playlist. If you’re thinking “I want to break free” while “waiting on the world to change”, then we’ve got “the cure” for your ears. 

So, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, throw on “Music you can get vaccinated to” and enjoy the moment!


  1. Hi, There is a BB King song called “I am going to give up living and go shopping instead”. Maybe for the non vaccinated people??????

  2. Hi David, thanks for your suggestions! We’ve added Bee Gees and The The to the playlist. Cheers, Team CSIRO.

  3. How about adding
    Neil Young “Needle and the damage?”
    BGs Saturday night fever
    The The Infected

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