It’s true, ours was not the first. Blog that is. CSIRO blog that is. But that’s ok, because if it wasn’t for Tania over at, we probably would still be talking about ROI and representation of the logo and the personal/public divide.

So here we are!

Generally we don’t like to brag (well, Huw does but he’s not here so ‘we’ refers to me) but we’ve survived 6 months now and we’re having some laughs. We hope you occasionally read a post and find yourself nodding and muttering under your breath ‘ahh… that’s interesting’.

So you can imagine our paternal delight in seeing another blog in our midst.

Only a few weeks ago, Sarah went live with We could give you the lowdown on the Future Research Vessel… but perhaps you could just read the blog?

Just DO NOT miss these photos of the shipyard or the LEGO models.

And then there were 3.


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